Friday, 15 January 2010

Vania Zouraliov

Vania Zouraliov is freaking illustration god.. This Russian artist's illustrations are exquisite and so detailed, and layered with symbolism. So much so that I've stared at this image now for about an hour and still amazed. I'm using this child prodigy in my artist research as I love how some of his images shows chunks of the characters bodies missing. I'm really interested in this at the moment and have considered doing something similar for my subculture drawing approaches brief. I'm still looking at my housemates and what makes them unique and individual, my plan is to make large (ish) portraits that represent both the physical and the metaphorical sides to each person. Have parts of their insides showing, and at first glance they just look like organs but as the viewer looks deeper they will realise that the organs are made up from other objects. Constructed through associations I make between the subject and particular objects and symbols.

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