Thursday, 14 January 2010

Drawing Approaches

Drawing Approaches

I am currently working on experimenting with different drawing tools, methods and techniques. The theme I'm working on is Subcultures. I was initially drawn to looking at quirky subcultures all over the work such as the Bills, Rolingas and the Zapatistas. It's interesting learning about their fashions, slang and the history behind it all. I loved the Zapatistas, most people know of them because of their leader, Sub Comandante Marcos, smoked a pipe while wearing a ski mask. They are an anti globalization revolutionary militia that appeared in the 1994 as a response in NAFTA.

The project took on a new direction a
s I started researching Fetishes, the best
website I found was torture garden, loads of crazy cool images of folks dressed up in gimp suits, corsets, uniforms, bondage, and being hung from the ceiling by their nipples. however the clubs require you to join a membership before you can go, it was too expensive just to go for primary research so I had to go back to one of my original ideas.

I am living with 4 other girls and 2 guys and noticed how we all have our own unique styles, musical influences and slang we've picked up from all over the country. I started wondering how much of this information you could get from just looking at their faces. This lead me to some observational drawings of each of them, by including any scars, piercing. jewelry and hairstyles I started captioning who they are.

This is an etching I made from the observational drawing of my housemate James. I feel it works quite well and it was included in the final piece which was displayed in the Illustration exhibition before Christmas in a beach hut. I experimented with scratching into plastic the faces of my other house mates.

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