Friday, 15 January 2010

Valerio Carrubba

Anatomica Delights by Valerio Carrubba

This Italian artist also relates to my chosen theme and way of working, this image is particually fascinating as I did work today that was very similar, I used old anatomical diagrams that I found in an old book from the library and overlapped it with sketches I have made of my housemates faces. Then I later tried making their faces using other objects and used the anatomical diagrams as templates.

His subjects are literally having their flesh peeled away by what I guess can only be the hand of God or some other me-levant being. I love seeing the insides of bodies and Valerio Carrubba makes it especially gruesome showing bone and an array of vital organs, muscles blood and guts. Very well detailed drawings and a double painting technique and overlapping of brushstrokes.


  1. What year was this work created - was it contemporary to its era?

    I like the phantom 3rd hand..

  2. It's very recent. I found it on this amazing website anytime I have to hit up a bit of artist research i check it out for the newest and coolest illustrators. I love how graphic this image is but not too sure about the backgrounds, not really working for me. but i guess if the 3rd phantom hand is god he's pulling the string to show you inside one of his creations which ties in with the natural setting of the picture.