Friday, 19 March 2010

Word and Image Research

I've been researching 50's advert's and typography as a reference to my word and image project, i this will help me when I write text to form objects that signify Frank Sinatra such as hats, microphones etc.

Word and Image

To better understand the time Frank Sinatra was in I've been watching these 50's and 60's tv adverts. It's been visually helpful, seeing the style and design and how idealistic they are. The advertising techniques are simplistic and very amusing.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Digital Image Final Piece

Corporate Sponsorship of Conflict.

For the Digital Image project we had to produce a series of 4 images representing a part of 'the noughties' I chose to look at globalization.

Friday, 12 March 2010

The Life and Music of Frank Sinatra

The new brief at AUCB is word and image. we were split into groups and given a famous musician to research into and illustrate their life or songs. We were given Frank Sinatra, which I am thrilled about because he's just amazing, I love both his music and films and thinks he had just the most amazing life.We found out quite a few interesting facts about him already, such as, There's a fan group in Bournemouth that make their other magazine called "perfectly frank" and we've gotten our grubby student hands on a few back issues.His alleged organized crime links led to him being under the surveillance of the FBI for almost 5 decades starting in the 1940's. Sinatra suffered from senile dementia in his final years and had a heart attack in Jan 97, he died from another heart attack on May 4th 1998.Throughout his life Frank Sinatra had mood swings, bouts of depression and symptoms of bi-polar.I find his life so fascinating and it's been easy finding out information about him because he is a well loved icon. We have come to a point now in our group that we've done a lot of research and need to start developing initial ideas. We were taught today how to make a stop-motion animation using Photoshop, and so we just set up an area and started painting away anything that came into our heads basing it on the life of Sinatra. It's a bit random, but it was so much fun to make, we all took it in turns drawing and moving bits and taking the photos so it was a really speedy process. We haven't done any editing on it yet, but i like how it looks at the moment, just really rough and fun with our hands coming in and out of shot. The drawings were really quick so it looks almost childlike - but I think that's what makes it work and makes it look really homemade.

Take this waltz with the clamp on it's jaw

Our new brief is word and image, today's task was to pick out song lyrics from the tombola and illustrate them. The song is called 'This Waltz' by Leonard Cohen.

My response to this song at the time was just to write on these post-its and stick them up around uni, but seeing as we learnt all about stop-motion animation today I thought I'd test it out. I'm pleased with the end result even though its rough and very jumpy, it would have been nice if I had more time to have the post-its coming down above her head and crawling over her head and face, hopefully this is something I'll be able to do next week. In hindsight I didn't really consider the very depressing spirit of the song, with its slow beat and dreary voice and didnt't take into much consideration of the letterforms but I enjoy it none the less.