Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Warriors Dance

I have never seen anything like this in my life! The one good thing I found in Milton Keynes is the Bowl, this incredible venue holding 65 thousand people was the settling for the best gig ever. Seeing the Prodigy for the second time this year has definitely made up for the lack of festivals so far this summer. The laser show was incredible, the top picture was taken during what I believe to be their first playing of weather experience at a gig. Totally epic! I'm guilty of taking one or two photos during their set but what's with everyone watching the gig through their camera phones here... baffling!

The one moan I will have to go into is the bar staff were totally incompetent! It shouldn't take 2 hours to get served at any event. To que all that time only to find 2 staff members out of 10 or 15 serving was outrageous. It doesn't take a genius to work out that at an event that size you need better organization skills for the bars. Whoever was in charge of it all is an utter plonker!

Desperately want these!

I've tried that paper that you print your designs onto and then iron into your tee's but they always crumb apart like one messy flake. I mean they are alright and have served me good in the past, but only one wash will mess those things up. I want to be brave like Marcus Oakley told us that time we did the tee shirt design crash course, and just draw start onto the tee's with no sticky, papery, flakey mess. When I get these awesome pens just send in your requests as I'll be boshing out very new and exciting range of drawn radio illustration clothing.