Friday, 12 March 2010

Take this waltz with the clamp on it's jaw

Our new brief is word and image, today's task was to pick out song lyrics from the tombola and illustrate them. The song is called 'This Waltz' by Leonard Cohen.

My response to this song at the time was just to write on these post-its and stick them up around uni, but seeing as we learnt all about stop-motion animation today I thought I'd test it out. I'm pleased with the end result even though its rough and very jumpy, it would have been nice if I had more time to have the post-its coming down above her head and crawling over her head and face, hopefully this is something I'll be able to do next week. In hindsight I didn't really consider the very depressing spirit of the song, with its slow beat and dreary voice and didnt't take into much consideration of the letterforms but I enjoy it none the less.

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