Thursday, 6 May 2010

Informative Illustration

Recently I've been stuck on what my Informative Illustration would be.. and today I had a bit of a brainwave. The image above is just something I drew to go in to Zine I'm making with my course mates, Rob, Maria and Glen. (We are showing our work and our new Zine at 60MillionPostcards Bournemouth, 7th 05 10, so please swing down and buy something :)

I like the tribal markings on her face, and only chose to include them last minute which i feel has given the whole drawing a deeper meaning. The fox on her head has mange, thats why it's missing an eye (its meant to be an urban fox but i think i need to make it look more gross for that point to come across)

But back to my brainwave.. I was thinking about my Dad and how he's given guided meditations helping people to find their spirit animal. Also my brother, sister and me all have spirit names which he's given us. I thought it could be quite interesting asking him more about this as what happens during one of these guided meditations. Perhaps going through one myself, and then writing about it and producing informative illustrations about what i had experienced.

I've conducted some research already, in preparation, as i was wondering about what kind of animal the fox was in the spirit world...

Symbol of camouflage, quick wit and cunning, agility and magic..

Foxes are seen as power animals/ totems throughout the world. The Chinese believed foxes could take human form.
In Egypt the fox brought favour from the Gods.
There was a fox God in Peru and Foxes also aid the dead to get the next life in Persia.
The Cherokees, Hopi and various other Native American Indian tribes believed in the foxes healing power, the Apache credited it with giving man fire.
Fox is amongst the most inquisitive, skilled and ingenious animals of nature.

Being a creature of the night, fox is often imbued with supernatural powers. Foxes start their day at dusk and it ends at dawn, when the world of the magic and our everyday realities cross paths. Foxes can be a guide into the faeries realm.

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