Thursday, 6 May 2010

Freaky Figurines

I started expanding my chosen topic to looking at relationship between people and their pets. The natural and unnatural elements of it and exploring the human denial of animal nature and our obsession with being the dominant species.

This is a bit of a jump for my las post, however i felt a little stuck with just focusing on urban foxes and found progressing onto exploring the relationship between pets and their masters allowed for a lot more choice, and urban foxes can come into that. I would through my illustrations hope to accomplish a deepening into our perceptions of ourselves and our animal friends.

Above are two figures, only i swapped over the heads. It looks a little bit freaky, (and the one on top reminds me of the old woman owners of the bath house in Spirited Away) This i feel best fits into the decorative illustration category - as it doesn't really say much but it could fit in with a piece of text and just provide a visual pleasure. I made a lino print of the birds body and woman's head, which i experimented with in the print rooms with different colours. Yet i dont feel it's as bizarre and beautiful as the figurines above.

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